Bass Guitar

Dan McPharlin

Throughout time, the bassist has always been in the shadows of successful bands. While the lead guitarists continuously hog the spotlight, playing some frenzied, seizure inducing solo, the bassist is often seen sulking off in the background, pondering why he/she is never worshipped as much as their 6 string brethren.

But then came along Dan, who decided enough was enough! He set to change people’s opinions on the much maligned bass by showing off his virtuosic skills, incredible musicianship, and devilish good looks.

Dan McPharlin is the bass guitarist for the musical Tick-Tock. When he’s not jamming away, he likes to indulge in his excessive ego and write glorified biographies about himself. He also imagines life without hypothetical scenarios.

*         *         *

Jackson Hart

Jackson Hart is a graduate from Brighton High School, where he was involved in not only the theatre department but also played in bands with his classmates. He has been playing bass for about six years, with influence from heavy rock and modern alternative music. Jackson was also involved in Lift Dance Theatre, which was involved in the fringe last year. His other interests involve gaming, media arts and dramatic arts.


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