Leader/Costume/Set/Props Designer

Kaye Monck

Kaye Monck is the Head of Props, Set and Costuming, and a blessing to production, with her vast experience in the field of Theatre and Design. We are very excited to have her involvement.

Originally from England, Kaye attended Pattinsons Dance and Drama Academy at Coventry and performed in a professional production of ‘Joseph and his Technicolour Dream Coat’. She also attended the Arts School at Rugby, where she undertook a Diploma in Art and Design, as well as continuing her experience in the field of theatre, including a lead role in a Robin Hood Pantomime.

Furthering her love of the field, Kaye then gained her Higher Diploma in Theatre Design, specialising in Prop-Making for the stage, and focussing on her field in various fashions, such as entering sculpting competitions and working backstage in amature productions.

When she was 22, she packed her bags and emigrated to Australia, where she married and began her own business with her husband in catering, while still selling art and doing design in her spare time. She also began to paint murals, some of which can be seen in the bay area, as well as some canvases, which have been entered into the SALA festival.

The production team would like to personally thank Kaye for volunteering her time, and for her patience with us. The show would not have its distinctive and wonderful design without her professional input and vision. Cheers Kaye!


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